21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
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21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set
21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set


21-Day HEALTH UPGRADE Detox & Intermittent Fasting STANDARD Set

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17 reviews
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Transform your health with the UPGRADERS Method, a 21-day, clinic-grade detox program you can do from home. Designed to combat toxin buildup, this program aids in weight loss, mitigates chronic health issues, and slows aging, starting with gut health. Cleanse your body of harmful bacterial toxins and feel rejuvenated. Begin feeling and looking better in just 7 days!

  • Clinic-Grade Quality at Home: Inspired by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr's methods and Europe's top clinics, our 21-day detox offers gut repair, blood purification, and tissue renewal from home, mirroring the body's natural regeneration cycle.

  • Optimal Health Through a Clean Life Blueprint: The UPGRADERS Method is more than supplements—it's a lifestyle redesign. Our guide delivers expert advice and clean meal plans to enhance detoxification and prevent new toxins from disrupting your wellness path. This is clinic-grade protocol made practical for daily life.

  • Premium Alpine Supplements: Our exclusive set features bioactive ingredients for unparalleled absorption and effectiveness. Including Magnesium Citrate for comprehensive detox, pH Alkaline Powder for balance, and Bitters and Enzymes for digestive support, each developed with Alpine purity.  Plus, enjoy a 3-month supply to extend wellness benefits.

Only a 'toxin-free' body can heal, lose weight, sleep better, look younger, and thrive... Join the 21-day Health Upgrade challenge! 

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      The connections between gut health and various bodily systems offer a comprehensive approach to well-being that extends far beyond digestion:

      1. Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss

      • Gut-Immunity Axis: A balanced gut microbiota regulates hunger and satiety hormones like ghrelin and leptin, curbing cravings for sugary and fatty foods, and enhancing fat metabolism. Additionally, it supports a healthy immune system, reducing chronic inflammation linked to obesity. This dual action promotes sustainable weight loss and ends the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

      2. Elevate Cognitive Performance & Mental Well-Being

      • Gut-Brain Axis: The intricate gut-brain connection significantly influences mental health. Optimal gut health boosts brain function, alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhances cognitive abilities, including memory and concentration.

      3. Enjoy Improved Sleep Quality

      • Gut-Brain Axis: Gut microbiota plays a pivotal role in melatonin production, regulating the sleep-wake cycle. A healthy gut microbiome improves sleep quality, leading to enhanced energy levels and overall well-being.

      4. Glowing Skin & Fuller Hair

      • Gut-Skin Axis: The gut influences skin and hair health by modulating the immune system and producing nutrients that support skin barrier function and hydration. This results in decreased inflammation, fewer skin breakouts, and healthier, more vibrant skin and hair.

      5. Look & Feel Younger

      • Gut-Immunity Axis: A robust gut microbiota bolsters the immune system, essential for cellular renewal and repair. It combats inflammation and supplies critical nutrients for cellular health, playing a key role in decelerating the aging process and fostering a more youthful appearance.

      6. Energy for High Performance

      • Gut-Brain-Fitness Synergy: A healthy gut microbiome boosts energy metabolism and stability, vital for endurance and high intensity performance. It enhances nutrient absorption and SCFA production, supports muscle repair, reduces recovery times, and modulates neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine for sustained energy and alertness. Optimize your physical and mental performance through the gut's power to elevate your fitness and sports achievements.

      DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary.As we all know, everyone’s body works differently and is impacted by age, gender, metabolic rate, level of activity and state of health. Individual results will vary depending on these factors as well as compliance to the program guidelines.

      The Upgraders® Method unveils a distinctive 21-day home detox program, anchored in the renowned therapeutic techniques of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, esteemed in elite European Mayr wellness clinics, and celebrated by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Rebel Wilson.

      Health begins in the gut... Our three-week program focuses on:

      • Week 1: Repair - Cleansing the gut and restoring pH balance.
      • Week 2: Restore - Detoxifying the blood and enhancing cellular nutrition.
      • Week 3: Renew - Revitalizing tissues by cleansing the extracellular matrix.

      This holistic approach ensures a thorough detox at the cellular level, aligned with the body's natural regeneration cycle.

      Only a 'toxin-free' body can heal, lose weight, sleep better, look younger, and thrive...!

      Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with the UPGRADERS® Method Guidelines—an all-inclusive manual designed to guide you through detox, transition, and long-term health maintenance.

      12 Golden Rules of Health: Time-tested science-based principles for a healthier life.

      Daily Schedule:  Step-by-step guidance on BALANCE principles: Belief, Activity, Leisure, Assessment, Nutrition, Cleanse, and Environment

      Detoxify & Deacidify: Unleash the power of 3 Alpine, all-natural, synergistic combinations of vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances. 

      Food Guidelines: Learn what to eat and how during detox, transition, and for ongoing health maintenance.

      21-Day Meal Plan: Explore a variety of sample recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

      Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods: Understand the importance of pH balance.

      Optimum Health Training Plan: Unlock your body's potential.

      Self-Diagnostics and Assessment: Monitor your progress with pH measurement strips and more.

      Private Facebook Group: Join our community for online guidance and mutual support.

      In addition to UPGRADERS® Method Guide, there are 4 products in this set:

      1. UPGRADERS® MAGNESIUM CITRATE POWDER (180g = 21-day supply) - Magnesium is an essential component of muscle function and the nervous system contributing to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and electrolyte balance. In the right solution with water, it has a strong cleansing effect on the intestinal mucosa and the liver.

      Ingredient: Magnesium Citrate

      2. UPGRADERS® ALKALINE POWDER by Dr. Rauch (170g = 21-day supply) - Helps neutralize excess acid in the body tissues and substitutes electrolyte loss during cleansing.  A balanced ratio of acids and bases is important for the optimal course of all metabolic processes, most importantly autophagy, which is the process of cell recycling and renewal (a key to anti-aging!).

      Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Monohydrogen Phosphate.

      3. UPGRADERS® PLANT-BASED BITTERS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES (180 capsules = BONUS PACK: 3-month supply for optimal results!) - Help support digestion and boost metabolism. It is a natural mixture of plants and supports the detoxification of the liver, bile and the stomach.

      Ingredients: Andrographis herb extract, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell), gentian root extract, bulking agent corn starch, dandelion herb extract, wormwood herb extract, enzyme extract, medium-chain triglycerides from coconut.

      4. PH PAPER STRIPS  are a self-diagnosis tool to measure acidity in the body.

      Unlike synthetic vitamins, our Alpine highly concentrated bioactive combinations harness essential plant cofactors, ensuring superior bioavailability and effectiveness.

      Crafted by leading Austrian doctors and nutrition experts with over 30 years of research, UPGRADERS® orthomolecular blends of vital nutrients are designed to harmonize with your body's natural systems and rhythms, aiming to restore a natural nutrient balance and optimize overall well-being.

      Made in Austria, our supplements meet top international standards like IFS 7, EN ISO 13485, HACCP, GMP Food, AT-Bio, Kosher, and Halal.

      We ensure purity and quality through rigorous testing, free from harmful chemicals like heavy metals and pesticides.

      UPGRADERS® supplements are derived from 100% natural, pure, plant-based Alpine sources and contain all the essential cofactors for optimal bioavailability.

      Our supplements are free from common allergens, GMOs, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors, and colors. Plus, our capsules are made of vegetable-cellulose, ensuring that every aspect of our products is plant-derived.

      Kindly adhere to the UPGRADERS® Method Guide for precise usage instructions.

      Please be aware that recommendations may differ from the label, as we strive for optimal effects and dosage adjustments may be needed.

      Your journey to upgraded health begins with the UPGRADERS® Method – follow it for the best results!

      If you have a medical condition, or are taking medications, please consult your physician before starting the program or taking UPGRADERS® supplements.

      The following EXCLUSIONS apply:

      • Active intake of blood thinners
      • Diabetes (on oral medication or insulin)
      • Vaccination in the last 2 months
      • Pregnancy
      • Under 18 years old
      • Acute inflammation with fever
      • Pneumonia
      • Meningitis
      • Encephalitis
      • Acute heart attack
      • Hypertensive crises
      • Psychotic tendencies
      • Depression / Suicidal tendencies
      • Acute intoxication 
      • Acute allergic condition 
      • Acute asthma attack 
      • Seizure history (actively treated with anti-seizure medication)
      • Active chemotherapy
      • Active use of steroids
      • History of hospitalization for alcohol withdrawals
      • Active drug use: heroin, cocaine, meth

      CAUTION:  The use of certain supplements may reduce absorption of some medications, especially birth control pills. It is advised to use additional measures to prevent pregnancy.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Tini HRO
      Sehr empfehlenswert!!!

      Ich habe mich sehr wohl und fit gefühlt und plane die 21 Tage einmal im
      Jahr fest für mich ein! Vielen Dank

      Niklaus Gnädinger
      Can't see a change

      Can't feel a change

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re committed to your success and understand that every health journey is unique. Our Upgraders Method is designed to work best when followed closely, including our lifestyle guidelines on nutrition, intermittent fasting, and movement. Supplements are a key part of our program, but they work best in conjunction with these lifestyle changes to effectively detoxify the body. It's vital to minimize new toxin intake during this process. We're here to support you and offer personalized guidance to help you meet your health goals. Please reach out for further assistance. Your well-being is our utmost priority.

      Ene Post
      Great feeling

      "After completing the Upgraders program, I experienced a remarkable transformation. Each morning, I felt an incredible surge of energy that had been absent before, and friends and acquaintances began commenting on how I appeared better than ever. Over the three-week period, I also achieved a significant weight loss, shedding 4 kilograms.

      However, the most profound outcome for me was the newfound awareness and attention I developed towards my body and health. The Upgraders program not only delivered tangible results but also instilled in me a lasting commitment to prioritize my well-being. It has become a transformative journey that extends far beyond the initial three weeks, influencing my daily habits and fostering a positive impact on my overall health. I am deeply grateful for the Upgraders experience and the positive changes it has brought into my life."


      Hey, I really enjoyed taking part in the programm. The first couple of days were quite difficult, especially the fact that I was not allowed to eat in the evenings. But after a few days, one could feel that energy is not taken from eating all the time, but from eating the right amount of food and from drinking enough water. Sometimes even tea helps and can count as "nutrition".

      Now that the programm is over, I still try to take all the supplements whenever possible, I take the vitamins and the Enzyme before every meal I eat. For me, the most diffucult task was to not eat chocolate and it still is - my plan now is: whenever I crave chocolate, I just tell myself, okay, you can have some, but then there will not be any food in the evenings. And this method really works :)
      For breakfast, I still eat what is recommended during the programm and I try to stick to the plan as good as I can!

      Cristel Fischer
      Total success story

      I have done many different detoxifications in the past years and this experience felt like a walk in the park! As the cleanse is lasting 21 days, the toxins will be lead out smoothly - this meant very mild side effects! This also meant that the whole experience is very doable for a busy, working person - like me! I do not have time to lay down and do nothing! The guidelines are easy to follow and I made them even easier for me. I decided to stick to steamed and boiled vegetables.
      I also took the time to create new healthy habits like: no overeating, eating light meal for dinner and no snacking.
      For me the whole experience was a holistic experience. I deepened my yoga and meditation practices and cleaned out some mental clutter.
      Results? I lost 3,5kg, my skin looks and feels younger, my sleep is good, my old beautiful dresses fit me perfectly, my waistline is reduced, my cellulite decreased about 80%, my energy level is high,I have better mental clarity! I feel younger and fresher ❤️! Love it!! Will repeat the cleanse when I feel a need, but minimum once a year!
      Warmest wishes, Cristel from Germany