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21-Day Health Challenge Captures Press

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Investigation of the micronutrient density of processed foods in comparison to their corresponding real foods.

(article in German) Research shows, compared to their corresponding real foods, industrially processed foods and ready-made instant meals show losses of 50-90% in vitamins, minerals, trace elemen...
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Nobel Prize in Medicine 2016. What does autophagy mean in practice?

(article in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. According to the Nobel Prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi research, disturbed autophagy is causally linked to various chronic diseases.  Fasting or "calorie...
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Preservatives: Death to our gut bacteria. 

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. Preservatives are used in many packaged foods. What happens when we eat such "preserved" food and throw it at our intestinal bacteria?!  Watch the Ful...
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The Bacteria in the Gut Impacts Your Physical and Mental Health

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. Processed foods, carbohydrate-heavy nutrition coupled with poor eating habits create a bad milieu in the gut affecting both physical and mental health...
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The Anti-Cancer Diet

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. Any form of disease comes from the acid. So why not take countermeasures early and flood the body with bases (i.e. electrons)?  Watch the Full Interview
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No. 1 athletic performance killer

(article in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor.  Not the "Leaky Gut Syndrome", but the "Silent Intoxication" from the intestine is the No. 1 performance killer. New evidence supports the current trend ...