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A couple on the sofa: discover science behind chronic health issues

The science behind chronic health issues. And the solution!

Health begins in the gut – the root system of the human body.  A stable state of health can only be achieved with the body in balance: pH 7.0 - 8.0 in saliva.
How to heal from pain naturally? A lady sitting and contemplating.

How to Heal from Pain Naturally?

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. In general, pain is produced when the nerves are irritated by inflammation. If you address the environment and free it from acidification, then healin...
Healthy gut. Healthy you.

Optimizing Gut Bacteria for a Healthy You

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. Fermented foods in particular can bring balance to the intestinal environment. This can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, heart attack, stroke and cance...
Young woman dancing in the bathroom

Autophagy: The Secret to Longevity

(interview in German) by Dr. Henning Sartor. The so-called Warburg hypothesis states that cancer cells respire less than healthy cells.  Watch the Full Interview
a man and a woman in the office

22 health and wellness secrets for better work-life balance.

To improve business performance and drive a high-performance culture, both companies and individuals need to take action to recharge and re-energize.
Couple sleeping

How to upgrade sleep?

Only when you get proper sleep and the body has nothing to digest for 16 hours, a production of HGF (Human Growth Factor) takes place - essential for cell renewal and regeneration.